Story number 1 for 16 Nov 2000

By November 16, 2000

We begin today in Colombia, where the country’s left-wing rebel group, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), has suspended peace talks with the government. New Tribes Mission’s Scott Ross doesn’t believe their efforts to get information on their three missionary hostages will be affected much. “If we were in some way connected with the peace process, and the peace process breaks down, that would then stall out or stop anything that we might have going with trying to resolve our hostage situation. So, we have worked very hard at trying to stay separated.” Ross says they are trying to get accurate information on the seven-year old kidnapping investigation. “We would just ask the listeners to continue to be praying for the initiatives-that these initiatives would bring us to some very clear information, if the men are alive, that we could work toward a dialogue. If they’re not, I think we would like very clear evidence of that.”

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