Story number 1 for 16 Sep 2002

By September 16, 2002

(Sudan)–Our newscast begins today in the Sudan where there’s word of another government attack on a Christian non-military target. In light of the peace deal recently constructed, Words of Hope’s Lee DeYoung, was surprised. He says the mood there was optimistic, and thinks it remains so. “Given the amount of destruction and the attacks that have impeded work we’ve been involved in, in one place or another, it’s too soon to say that this is something that is any different. At this point, I wouldn’t foresee this one incident triggering any kind of change.” DeYoung asks people to remember their teams as they share the Gospel in Sudan. “We’ve been involved in, primarily, Gospel broadcasting, but through a partner organization, are involved in some interactions with the church. Our hope would be that people would continue to pray that peace would be a foremost priority for both sides.”

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