Story number 1 for 17 Feb 2003

By February 17, 2003

(Iraq)–Our newscast begins today word that an attack on Iraq could result in a potentially disastrous and chaotic humanitarian crisis in which millions of people will be displaced. According to World Vision’s Rupen Das, the consequences of war on the Iraqi people will be severe. “The people of Iraq never recovered from the Gulf War, and the sanctions didn’t help. The level of preparedness is even more scary. There’s one month of food supply in the country; medicines at the hospital level, about a couple of weeks.” Das says humanitarian agencies like World Vision have already started to pre-position emergency supplies and staff so they are ready when the emergency breaks. He adds the critical timing of meeting needs leads to open hearts. “There comes a time in emergencies where just the fact that I am present, and expressing the compassion of Christ is probably the greatest testimony that I can have. And then there are times, when people have asked me, in emergency context, ‘So tell me, why are you here?'”

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