Story number 1 for 17 Jan 2000

By January 17, 2000

We begin today in Panama where the United States government is concerned
about the growing influence of China in Panama, specifically the Panama Canal.
The influx of Chinese in the area is giving additional ministry opportunities to
missionaries in the region. That’s the word from New Tribes Missionary Jim
Enemark. “There are a lot of Chinese in Panama City and in Colon – scatter out
throughout the whole country, really. There is an evangelical Chinese church
functioning, although it’s very small at this point. There needs to be a greater outreach.
There is not the number of men who are able to carry on in that ministry.” Enemark,
who’s staying at D & D Missionary Homes in Florida, says prayer is needed that
God will call more workers to the field. “We don’t need more Americans, I don’t think.
We need those who know their culture, who speak their language, who know who
they are. And, these people are going to be able to reach the rest of the Chinese

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