Story number 1 for 17 Jan 2002

By January 17, 2002

(Indonesia)–Headlining today’s news Muslim attacks continue against Christian villages in Indonesia. The latest attack was on the Island of Ambon, but security forces thwarted it. As violence continues, Insight for Living hopes to attack the darkness through an expanded presence on short-wave radio. Insight for Living International’s Rolla Goodyear. “This particular opportunity just gives us more coverage and an opportunity to reach into homes that may currently be Muslims. When they hear the broadcast they can hear it in the privacy of their own homes, the opportunity for the Gospel spreading and actually transforming lives is great.” Goodyear says short wave is still a good tool in challenging countries despite its limitations. “Short wave is about the only way that we can get a broadcast in and do it efficiently and economically. At least give the opportunity for the Gospel out and God to work through his word.”

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