Story number 1 for 17 Jul 2003

By July 17, 2003

(India)–We begin today in India where recent anti-conversion legislation has concerned many. There are fears that legislation could be introduced in other states in India. Gospel for Asia’s K-P Yohannan says legislation in the State of Tamil Nadu didn’t have much of an impact on people turning to Christ. “In our own ministry down there in the last several weeks, (we saw) 2,460 people turn to the Lord and they are ready now for baptism. In the last 15 to 17 months, over 20,000 people came to the Lord in that state and were baptized.” Yohannan says most are Dalits, people who have rejected Hinduism. He says the responsibility of the church is great. “Our job is to go and share the Gospel and live among them, making sure they really know what it means to truly be born again. Unless we’re careful, we surely can end up having a really serious problem.”

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