Story number 1 for 17 May 2000

By May 17, 2000

We begin today with an update from Ecuador. Back to the Bible’s staff report a quiet and uneventful week so far at La Biblia Dice’s compound. This follows an armed robbery which set the organization back 150-thousand dollars. Back to the Bible’s Mark Blowers says immediate efforts now turn to: “…trying to secure the facility. We’ve got to have walls that are replaced and fences that are replaced as well as locks and everything on the building. They’ve actually hired a 24-hour armed guard. We’re working on getting some basic equipment back and making final arrangements with HCJB to record and get our programs back on track.” Blowers adds that the emotional toll that this has taken on the staff cannot be measured in dollars. “There’s one particular lady who was assaulted that is really suffering emotionally still-the ones who were beat[en] physically are doing quite a bit better. I asked David Lagacho, the director of the [Ecuadorian] ministry, how we could pray for him, and here was his answer-his first request was this: “Pray that the Lord will finish His work in us.” They recognize this is spiritual opposition.”

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