Story number 1 for 18 Apr 2002

By April 18, 2002

(Venezuela)–Topping the news, New Tribes Missions is being forced to relocate a Venezuelan missions base and a boarding school due to a Colombian rebel incursion. New Tribes’ spokesman Scott Ross says they felt that it would be better to move North American expatriates out of danger, as they seem to be a target of the Colombian rebel group. “It’s probably expedient for us not to have either facilities or people located close to the border area. The country of Venezuela itself is generally a stable country. We just want to move away from the border a bit, where Colombia is involved and the guerrilla movement.” Ross says there is much to pray for as the setting for peace continues to deteriorate. “Be praying for peace and calm in that country; safe journeys and travels as our people are loading up their goods and moving to another city; and then the changes: in the family, the children will be looking for different schools, and all of those things that happen when you move.”

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