Story number 1 for 18 Feb 2002

By February 18, 2002

(USA)–We begin today’s newscast at the Olympics where athletes and spectators from all over the world are in the United States. Athletes are competing for that elusive Gold Medal. But, according to Sports Spectrum’s Bill Bumpas athletes and spectators are finding out they can have more than Gold. “Thousands of volunteers are here from many different denominations and parachurch organizations to share their faith. Beth Ann Williams is Director for Global Outreach 2002 and says the theme is ‘More Than Gold.’ “When people see the theme More Than Gold, they immediately say “what does that logo mean? What is more than gold? Which really gives us a chance to share about, as Christians, a relationship with Christ, is worth more than a gold medal.” Volunteers are busy in numerous activities from passing out hospitality bags and water, to providing entertainment. They even have an internet cafĂ©. Bill Bumpas, Salt Lake City, for Mission Network News.”

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