Story number 1 for 18 Mar 2002

By March 18, 2002

(Zimbabwe)–Zimbabwe’s election tops our news today. The polling results have been divisive far beyond the country’s border. Western governments are putting pressure on Africa to reject Robert Mugabe’s re-election. SIM’s Tim Kopp says their team is taking a wait-and-see approach. But there are already feelers out about repercussions. “Where it may have some limitations in the future is what they decide in terms of visas and allowing individuals to be in the country. Already we’re seeing some tightening on documentation that would allow folks to go into Zimbabwe to work there. But, for now, the folks that are there and have been all along, are very free to carry on in their ministries.” Kopp adds that there is much to pray about. “I would suggest that people continue to pray hard for the outreach. And that, as the Lord gives us days and opportunity in that country, that the Gospel would have a profound effect on the lives of Zimbabweans.”

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