Story number 1 for 18 Nov 2002

By November 18, 2002

(Haiti) — We begin today in Haiti where many Haitians are fleeing their country by boat because of the lack of food and a poor economy. They’re hoping for a better future in the United States, provided they make it. For Haiti with Love‘s Don DeHart says the people have lost hope. “People are saying we might as well die on a boat trying to get some place than to stay here knowing we’re going to die. So it’s a gamble. And, if they make it, they’ve won. I realize they’re in detention and many of them will be sent back. Economically it’s just impossible to survive in Haiti without jobs and without money.” The food is available, but isn’t affordable. DeHart says their feeding program opens doors to share the Gospel, but funding is needed. “If they can help us financially (it can) maybe increase our program of physical support so that we can spiritually feed them and bring them to the Messiah in a way that will maybe change the whole country.”

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