Story number 1 for 18 Oct 2000

By October 18, 2000

We begin today looking at the impact of anti-West sentiment in the Middle East. The attitudes are building over Arab pockets worldwide as the MidEast peace process falters. Some mission groups have said the hostilities could pose difficulties to North Americans evangelizing the Arab world. But, Global Advance’s David Shibley thinks a booming Brazilian church could change that. “The Brazilian church seems to see that they are a natural missions link to the Islamic world. I’ve had Brazilians tell me, “Hey, we look pretty much like Arabs, we’re emotive people, as many Arabs are in many Muslims in other nations are as well.”” The Latin American church continues to explode. Next month, Shibley will be speaking at one of the country’s largest mission conferences, helping the church fine-tune its mission. “It’s going to take some refocusing by the Brazilian church; they have church planting in within their very spiritual make-up. So, that gives them a proclivity toward being tremendous cross-cultural missionaries.”

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