Story number 1 for 19 Apr 2001

By April 19, 2001

(Israel)–Our newscast begins today in the Middle East. As the Israeli and Palestinian struggle for peace continues to spiral in a deadly pattern, there are some positive moments observed through the mortar haze and aggression. Jews For Jesus’ David Brickner gives us his analysis on the Israeli occupation of the Gaza Strip. “The problem is this: if I’m standing in my backyard throwing rocks at you, into your yard, you can ask me to stop. You can even throw rocks back at me-but, if I don’t stop, eventually, you’re going to have to come into my backyard and chase me into my house.” Brickner says the timing of the unrest only makes their work vital. “I think that the opportunities for evangelism will only increase. We find that when things start falling apart in society, when life becomes unstable. People begin to look for spiritual answers to life’s problems. God is giving us an opportunity to point to the real resource for hope in this world.”

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