Story number 1 for 19 Jan 2001

By January 19, 2001

(Democratic Republic of Congo
) — The Democratic Republic of Congo tops today’s news.
According to Congo’s Information Ministry, President Laurent Kabila died after being shot by one of his own soldiers, ending days of uncertainty about the incident. Baptist World Aid’s Paul Montacute says the future of ministry is uncertain. “It’s too early to say at the moment to say exactly what the situation is, but Congo has been in an unsettled situation for many years. We just gotta hope and pray that peace will come for those people there. We got a number of Baptist mission agencies and other mission agencies who provide a lot of support to Baptists in Congo, so I think we’re all very concerned to see what’s going to happen there.” Grace Ministry International’s Sam Vinton believes their work will continue. “I think we’re in time of continued instability. I think do not believe it’s going to affect missionary work per say. I think it’s going to be status quo.” Prayer is needed for the safety of the few missionaries still working there. Pray too that many Congolese will come to Christ.

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