Story number 1 for 2 Apr 2001

By April 2, 2001

(Russia)–Topping the news, Belarus recently celebrated their eighty-third anniversary of becoming a Republic. However, in light of their recent elections, some used that opportunity to accuse President Alexander Lukashenko of violating human rights. Russian Ministries’ Andrew Semenchuk says those charges have brought to light some concerns voiced by believers. “They have a president who is a very difficult person at this moment. He is almost like another Milosevic in Yugoslavia. As a result, the church there is finding it difficult to get new places in which to meet, to register new congregations and so they’re afraid for their future.” Semenchuk says believers are finding ways to encourage growth in the church and evangelize. “We can arrange for sister church relations to work with, to pray for, to visit, and then, to be able to support national workers.”

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