Story number 1 for 2 Aug 2001

By August 2, 2001

(Isreal) — Israel headlines today’s news as Israelis and Palestinians brace for more violence. Christian Aid Mission‘s Bob Finley doesn’t believe there’s much hope for peace. However, Finley says they’re continuing their support of training Christians to be witnesses in that region. “We help the Bethlehem Bible College, but Christian there at Bethlehem Bible College have a very difficult time being a witness for the Lord. They’re training people to be missionaries and witness and things for the Lord at home. They would not be allowed to do that in Israel proper.” Finley says despite the violence, people are coming to Christ in other areas. “Many people are coming to the Lord in the West Bank and Gaza. Although they’re nominally Muslim they still are open to the Gospel there. But, in Israel itself (there’s) very little opportunity. The Israelis do not permit evangelism.”

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