Story number 1 for 2 Feb 1999

By February 2, 1999

(BROOKS:12) We begin today in Colombia where looting and violence over relief has marked the days following an earthquake in Armenia. However, International Aid’s Fred Vandenbrand says they are confident their relief shipment will be fairly distributed because…
(VANDENBRAND:16)…we always contract with a partnership down there…and The Christian Mission Alliance is the one where airlifted items are going to go to. We never ship until we know that the shipment will be in the hands of a reliable source…and usually it’s a church or a church agency…(BROOKS:05)…which often leads to a chance to evangelize as well. Vandenbrand says the relief shipments began Monday. (VANDENBRAND:18) We’re sending an air shipment to Armenia and that’s going to be about 25-thousand dollars worth of medical supplies…and then right on the heels of that one, we’re sending a 40-foot sea container with approximately 90-thousand dollars worth, again, mostly medical supplies.

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