Story number 1 for 2 Jul 2002

By July 2, 2002

(Africa)–Our newscast begins today in Durban where the African heads of State are gearing up for the inaugural African Union Summit. The meetings will focus on the political, social and economic development of the African continent under the theme of peace. Worldwide Christian Schools’ president Scott VanderKooy is optimistic. “We see it as a good first step. Anytime there’s relationship building within a continent like Africa, good things can come from it. You still have a situation in Africa that’s quite tribal, and I wouldn’t expect any wholesale changes anytime soon.” VanderKooy hopes that the end result will open doors for evangelism. “We all need to pray that this Summit makes a difference, that it’s not just leaders getting together, but it’s leaders getting together to actually make something better and bring more economic justice to that continent.”

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