Story number 1 for 2 Mar 2000

By March 2, 2000

Headlining today’s news, reports are now indicating that more than one-million people have been displaced because of historic flooding in Mozambique. Baptist World Aid’s Paul Montecute says this is the worst flooding ever recorded in that country. “We talk about double whammies, well this is almost a triple whammy because they had the floods first of all, then the cyclone came in and because the cyclone went in land into Zimbabwe the water has now gone to the rivers, which of course now flows back through Mozambique. So, the flooding is going to continue before it begins to go down.” Montecute says BWA will be providing water purification supplies and malaria medication. He says this could open doors to the Gospel. “When you care for people in Christ’s name there of course is a response. The important this at the moment is to try and get as much help as we can to these people as quick as we possibly can. Helping local Christians to help people in their own community is, I think, where Christians come to the floor because they can really express the love of Christ in what they’re doing.”

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