Story number 1 for 2 Nov 1999

By November 2, 1999

We begin today in India’s Orissa State, where devastation from a monster storm has left more than one-million people homeless and has taken hundreds of lives. Food for the Hungry’s Asia director Dwight Vogt (vote). “This particular cyclone is the strongest of the century. The flooding has washed away large areas. fields have been wiped out. Crops have been leveled. All of those types of things appear to have been destroyed in large areas.” Food for the Hungry is gearing up to help those effected by the storm. They’re supplying resources to the church in India to help those in need. Vogt says it’s being done this way to help the church become more effective in evangelism. “And to many, it’s just a demonstration of love. It’s being a Christian and being up front and helping. And, at a time when the church is under scrutiny and under persecution in India. I suspect this is a very important and wonderful way to get involved in people’s lives. And, we’re just pleased that we can help make this possible.” To help in this emergency call 1-800-2-hunger.

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