Story number 1 for 20 Apr 2000

By April 20, 2000

Headlining today’s news, last year’s Columbine tragedy is giving youth ministry reason to move forward with boldness in the United States. The high school shooting rampage left 13 people dead. Virg Gulker is with Kid’s Hope USA, a division of International Aid. He says young people today lack love and they’re acting out violently to get it. He says schools are turning to the church for answers. “I get phone calls from school personnel. They don’t call to ask for money or programs. This is the question they give me: “Do you have a church that will help us love our children?”” Gulker says more churches need to get involved in mentoring young people. “Even the world is sensing now that when the service required is love, that’s not the Rotary Club, that’s the body of Christ. Our only purpose to Kids Hope is to give the local church the tested structure that will allow them to make the difference in the lives of these children.” Gulker says church involvemet will point many to Christ.

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