Story number 1 for 20 Apr 2001

By April 20, 2001

(Bhutan)–Headlining today’s news, Christians are facing increasing persecution in Bhutan, the world’s only Buddhist kingdom. Wendy Ryan with Baptist World Alliance says she has evidence of the oppression there. “Christians went to church and when they arrived at different churches they were met by authorities and police who recorded their names. That was a kind of intimidation. Being identified would mean a loss of jobs and a loss of different positions, harassment.” Ryan says churches are being threatened with closure and pastors have been told to stop witnessing. She says the increasing number of people coming to Christ may be the reason for the threats. “Because people who have come to know the Lord – naturally you want to share that faith. Where the Christian faith is concerned, specifically where that faith is identified with Christian movements in North America or Europe there is great hostility.”

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