Story number 1 for 20 Aug 2001

By August 20, 2001

(Philippines) — Topping the news, voters in the South Philippines rejected the change of expanding Muslim self-rule. The area has been plagued by terrorism, and by groups like the Abu Sayyaf. In response, FEBC Philippines is starting “Project Salem (suh-LAHM)”, aimed at addressing the effects of the terrorism. FEBC’s Jim Bowman. “Most people in that region hate the terrorism and they live in great, great fear of this group Abu Sayyaf. This is a violent group and the local citizens live in great terror. They have a hard time sleeping at night wondering who’s going to be kidnapped next.” Bowman says “Project Salem” provides an opportunity to minister to the Church there, as well as share the love of Christ with more people. “Our role, really, is to bring the peace of Christ to people’s lives and to help them cope with these situations which often go on and on and on. Our project is to send teams in and learn more about what people are having to put up with, and then go back and produce broadcasting that really ministers to people.”

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