Story number 1 for 20 Jul 2000

By July 20, 2000

We begin today in China where protests are erupting all over Beijing. A year ago today, the Falun Gong was banned as a public menace. However, the cult’s punishment also affected many Christians. China Partner’s Erik Burklin says that may have been advantageous. “This Falun Gong actually has been a good thing for the church because it separating, so to speak, the sheep from the wolves. And, the government is now being helped by the China Christian Council to understand the difference between the two. Overall, it’s going to be good for the continued growth of the church.” Burklin says in fact, their work has been expanding, although there are some prayer needs. “Right now, we need a lot of prayer for wisdom, specifically, how China Partner should continue its ministry in China. I’m making another trip to China in August to find out how we can help, even though right now, our training and teaching ministry has been put on hold.”

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