Story number 1 for 20 Jun 2001

By June 20, 2001

(USA)–Headlining today’s news the United Nations is holding an historic special session next week on AIDS, and Christian humanitarian groups will be a part of it. International Aid is one such a group. I-A’s Doctor Milton Amayun says this is the first time the U-N has scheduled a special session to address a public health issue. Amayun says there’s good reason for it. “There are now 36 million people living with AIDS. And, about three-million of them will probably die this year. And, we have several million being infected every year.” Amayun says this is an opportunity for the church to reach out. “Given the caring that will be provided by Christians, there will be an opportunity to be able to present the Gospel. There will also be opportunities to challenge the people within the church to bring the whole Gospel to the rest of the world.” Amayun hopes this persuades Christians to give financially so fewer people will die without knowing Christ.

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