Story number 1 for 20 Jun 2002

By June 20, 2002

(Southern Africa)–Topping the news, war, drought, crop failures, poor policy decisions and AIDS have created a food shortage in six South African nations. World Vision’s Bruce Wilkinson details the severity of the food crisis. “What we’re finding is that market prices are already escalating; in terms of food prices, people are selling off their assets. These are all early indicators that famine is imminent, unless we take immediate action. We have over one-thousand-two-hundred people actually working in these six countries, and are bringing help and relief to families who are short on food.” Wilkinson says their outreach is one of the best ways to reach a massive number of people with the hope of Christ. “All of our workers are actually motivated by a faith commitment to be out there serving others. We certainly are working through other faith organizations, the church, and we partner with so many others in that way. So, World Vision really is demonstrating by our actions that we do love people. We’re extending the love of Christ to these people and helping them in a time of need.” If you’d like to help, call our resource line.

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