Story number 1 for 20 Nov 2000

By November 20, 2000

Our newscast begins today in Belize where the country remains underwater following a devastating storm that set the country back almost a decade. Hurricane Keith, a category four storm, did an estimated 100-million dollars’ damage as it swept the countryside, left thousands homeless and otherwise affected 40-percent of the country’s population. International Aid’s Sonny Enriquez. “We’ve tried to respond by sending shipments of food, medicines, hygiene kits to Belize. It’s on its way now to the country. We hope this will be able to help, through our local partners there, which will handle all the distribution and the caring of the people.” Enriquez says as in many catastrophes, the trouble frequently puts people on a path toward the testimony of Christ. “It will show Christians in action in very practical ways…especially during disasters. Whenever there’s a hand of help extended to people who are in dire need, there’s just this sense of openness to witness.”

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