Story number 1 for 20 Nov 2002

By November 20, 2002

(North Korea)–We begin today in North Korea, where harvests are rising from famine levels, but millions could still starve to death in the months ahead. That’s being blamed, in part, on the rising political tensions, coupled with a drop off in international assistance. Baptist World Alliance’s Paul Montecute. “It’s estimated that quite a number of people are going to die this winter because of lack of food. We’ve received a welcome there from the government as far as humanitarian work is concerned, and that’s the important thing to us. We want to care for the poor, the least of these-they’re the ones that need feeding, and those are the people we’re going to try and feed.” Montecute says as they support the local church, ministry happens. “Our Baptist pastors are there on the spot and [we’re] working through them. They’re the people who know their people, they know the neighborhoods best, they know where the care is needed. Whether it be the provision of food for the stomach, or spiritual help.”

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