Story number 1 for 20 Sep 2002

By September 20, 2002

(Southern Africa) — We begin today’s newscast in Southern Africa where the food crisis is getting worse. According to reports, the expected human devastation in six countries is being increased from 12-point-eight million people, to 14-million. World Concern‘s Disaster Relief Coordinator Kelly Miller. “Our work is in partnership with the Nazarene Church providing food directly at the village level for families Currently we’re feeding about 11,000 families, and we’re project in the coming few months we’ll grow that to about 19,000. That’s about 133,000 people. A little over $16 a month will feed family in the southern region.” Miller says because the local evangelical church is helping, growth is already being experienced. “The months of May, June and July in this particular area there were two churches and now there are four. And the reason the number of churches has doubled is because of that sense of care and compassion and this is a reflection of Christ and Christianity.

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