Story number 1 for 2003-08-20

By August 20, 2003

(Liberia)–Topping the news, desperately needed supplies bound for Liberia were lost at sea, but relief work continues. World Vision’s Dean Owen says the 140-ton Madame Patricia crashed during a violent storm. “The ship that went down had 15-thousand blankets, 4.8 tons of laundry soap, plastic buckets, water cans, sleeping mats, and much needed diesel fuel and gasoline. With gasoline running at about 40 dollars a gallon on the black market there, these were much needed relief supplies.” Praise God no lives were lost. Owen is asking for prayer for workers who remain. “We have about 40 Liberian staff in country some of whom were hold up in their homes for several days because they were fearful to leave. We have other staff, who are ex-pats, from other countries who were evacuated out. Some of our staff are receiving trauma counseling for all the agony and trauma that they went through.” Owen says new relief supplies are on the way and will open doors for sharing the Gospel.

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