Story number 1 for 21 Apr 2000

By April 21, 2000

We begin today’s news in Liberia where the scars of war are evident. Much of the country’s infrastructure has been destroyed, leaving the only access to many neighboring towns and the nearby borders by foot. Liberia’s Minister of Health, Dr. Peter Coleman says the issue is peace. “Right now in Liberia, peace is there-but we have pretty close to 100,000 Sierra Leonian refugees because of the instability in Sierra Leone. So, we are now working in a concerted fashion to ensure that there is peace in the entire sub-region.” Feeding Starving Children International’s Richard Sandbatch says their work in the country allows them to share the hope of the Gospel. “One of the most important things is to understand that if you have a child that has a hurting stomach, it’s kind of hard to minister to him the good news of Jesus Christ. We have the opportunity of working with various churches and religious organizations-they’re doing the evangelism on our behalf.”

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