Story number 1 for 21 Aug 2002

By August 21, 2002

(Middle East)–We begin today in Bethlehem where Palestinian police were back on the streets after Israeli forces left the town as part of a trial that could lead to further Israeli withdrawals in the West Bank. The volatility in the area has not stopped believers’ work. Erich Bridges of the Southern Baptist International Mission Board. “There are people who are trying to minister to the majority of the people on both sides, again, who are just trying to survive. And that work will be on going, and it’s making progress.” Bridges adds that the harsh conditions can wear at the faith of even the staunchest Christian. “The Palestinians who live in these areas are trying to live their faith and share their faith under pressure from militant Muslims who are questioning their commitment to the Palestinian people, under pressure from the Israelis who view them in the same light.”

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