Story number 1 for 21 Jul 2003

By July 21, 2003

(Indonesia)–We begin today in Indonesia where police caught a group of would-be bombers planning church bombings. Words of Hope’s Lee DeYoung says their staff moved their studios from a church that had been bombed three times. As for the arsons and other threats, “Most of them have wound up totally destroying church buildings, and yet, these churches continue to meet outdoors, since it’s a warm climate; that’s not impossible to consider. So, they end up having open-air services next to the rubble of their building.” DeYoung adds, “From what our reports indicate, the church is growing, the number of believers, in Indonesia, despite these attacks, which are very one-sided. There have been a few stories of mosques being burned, but I think the proportions, from what I’ve heard, are probably a hundred churches for every one mosque.”

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