Story number 1 for 21 May 2001

By May 21, 2001

(Afghanistan)–Afghanistan tops today’s news where U-S Secretary of State Colin Powell announced a 43 million dollar program of emergency assistance for that drought- and war-plagued country. Air Serv, a Christian organization providing aircraft for disaster response, will be assisting. Air Serv’s Stuart Willcuts. “Afghanistan is generating the largest number of refugees and the largest number of internally displaced people of any country on the planet. Two reasons: one is the political situation there compounded by the worst drought in living memory, to quote the Afghanis.” Air Serv, in partnership with another agency will provide logistical support for the program, allowing them to talk about their faith in this Muslim country. “Air Serv only works with Christian individuals who are highly motivated to be involved in this kind of a situation. And, people ask questions and that opens the door for some very interesting conversation.” Pray that spiritual seeds will be planted.

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