Story number 1 for 21 May 2002

By May 21, 2002

(Russia)–Headlining today’s news, the Russian-Chechen war continues to rage. The conflict has been characterized by brutality and human rights violations on both sides as up to 200-thousand civilians have been forced to relocate to refugee camps. However, Russian Ministries’ George Law says Russian Christians are being empowered to help by distributing food, clothing and other essentials to these Muslim people. “The Chechen refugees are very much surprised as to why would a Russian do anything for them. It was actually Russian bullets who cased them from their homeland. And, this obviously gives an opportunity for the Gospel to be presented.” Law says the relief assistance is seeing success. “As a result of that small group Bible studies are being started. One church made up of refugees primarily has been started. Something we hope that will happen is to have kids from the refugee camps taken into Christian camps this summer.” 49-dollars can sponsor a camper, where a clear message of the Gospel will be presented.

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