Story number 1 for 21 Nov 2002

By November 21, 2002

(USA)–Topping the news, the latest numbers show the American economic recovery regaining momentum. While the forecast is looking better in 2003, for millions of Americans, worries about a wobbly economy and a fragile job market persist. The American Tract Society’s Mark Brown says their newest tract is entitled “Surviving Unemployment”. “At no other time, other than maybe another kind of emergency in your life, like losing a loved one, do you confront such a head-on collision with your finances. And, hopefully then, with a part of your existence of where you think you might be heading after life.” Brown says with this tract, a different outreach is possible. “The response has been very encouraging. It’s very timely, it’s not like people are breaking down the doors to get this tract, but it’s being distributed by many churches; bookstores are picking it up; and individuals are picking up large quantities to hand out to many people.”

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