Story number 1 for 21 Sep 2001

By September 21, 2001

(Afghanistan)–We begin today in Afghanistan where Taliban clerics have asked suspected terrorist Osama bin Laden to voluntarily leave their country. Thousands of Afghanis have fled in anticipation of U-S strikes following last week’s terrorism. Food for the Hungry’s Roe Ann Wood says they join the millions of refugees already squatting in refugee camps in neighboring countries. She urges people to remember one thing: “The Afghanistan people have been suffering themselves under this regime. It’s a tough situation. I also think people need to pray, because, right now, what else can you do other than pray, sometimes? It is a powder keg over there and we’re watching this very closely.” Wood adds that they are scrambling to work under ever-changing pressures. “Food for the Hungry is going to be focusing on the surrounding countries trying to get supplies there. And then, we’re also drawing up contingency plans in case war does break out to see what we can do about helping the people.” Wood says through their work, they are modeling the love of Christ in order to be able to share the Gospel.

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