Story number 1 for 22 Aug 2001

By August 22, 2001

(Jordan)–Topping today’s newscast, there is growing international pressure on the Middle East to find a peaceful solution to months of violence. The hostilities have deteriorated into a cycle of suicide bombings and military strikes. All of this has exacted a high price on efforts by evangelistic groups to help the church. Walk Thru The Bible’s Terry Sparks says that was clear at their recent ministry launch in Jordan. “We chose not to invite anyone from Israel to that particular gathering, and we’re going to have a separate training with them later in the year. We decided we’d better keep them separate-it would be difficult for people from Israel to go into Jordan.” Sparks says the Christians in this area put a high value on training, but they need prayer support. “Some of the people that came to our training came at great risk personally, because they’re just so hungry for truth and hungry for tools. And, we need to pray for God’s protection upon them.”

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