Story number 1 for 22 Mar 2000

By March 22, 2000

Headlining today’s news mission groups say Taiwan’s new president could ultimately help evangelism in that island nation. Send International’s Victor Lao (low) says pro-independence candidate Chen Shui-bian’s (shoo-AY bee-ihns) victory over the nationalists has many concerned. China has long threatened to invade, if the Island declared independence. “It’s just kind of a disturbing feeling. I’m sure in this kind of a situation that we have a chance to share the Gospel. Many are still worshiping idols. We continue to need prayer. And, I think the unsettlingness of this election (will) cause other Christians in other parts of the world to be concerned.” Loa says Shui-bian has somewhat changed his stance on independence, easing tensions in the region. “I believe that right now the situation is settling down. The elected president is calming the situation and even China, I think, has also calmed down. It’s kind of a wait and see – and I don’t think that the elected president would move toward independence.”

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