Story number 1 for 22 May 2000

By May 22, 2000

We begin today’s newscast in Kosovo where talk of a U-S troop withdrawal has ended. That’s pleasing many evangelic ministries working there. World Servants’ Chris Clum just returned from Kosovo where they’re rebuilding homes for ethnic Albanians. He explains what could have happened. “They very much feel like America has rescued them from basically completely driven out of their country and annihilated. So there is a tremendous security that the Albanians feel with Americans being there and if we pulled out it couldn’t help but make the Albanians feel the unrest.” Clum is pleased troops will stay in the region. He says the peace will allow them to continue their work among Muslim peoples, enabling them to share the Gospel. “As we build relationships with the people, we share with them how dear our faith and our relationship with Jesus Christ is to us. And, we just let God’s love and the Holy Spirit do what he wants to do in their lives.”

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