Story number 1 for 22 Oct 2001

By October 22, 2001

(Central Asia)–We begin today in Central Asia where the evangelical church in the midst of an unprecedented program. Bible Mission International’s Malcolm Smith says they want to plant 300 churches as part of their Central Asia 300 plan. “This vision came in the midst of impending persecution. The regional governments of Central Asia have been proposing new laws on religious freedom in the last couple of years. They have a real vision to do this in spite of (the) government trying to tell them that they will not be allowed to do that.” Smith says as the government struggles to help the refugees there, the church is providing relief aid. “This is a chance for the church to bring legitimacy to who they are as a people. To really show the government that they are not people that want to hurt the government. They want to bring hope, compassion.”

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