Story number 1 for 23 Apr 2003

By April 23, 2003

(Burundi)–Headlining today’s news, there’s more fighting in Burundi, despite a power sharing agreement that’s effective May 1st. However, Burundi’s main rebel group is stepping up mortar attacks on the capital making it difficult for outreach. World Vision’s Rob Solens they’ve been working in Burundi for years. “We’re trying to maintain our programs and our witness. This is a period of power sharing transition between the Hutu and the Tutsis. We’re committee to sticking it out. If things do deteriorate in Bujumbura we would discuss the possibility of an evacuation, but that’s not at all being considered for the present.” The U-S Embassy has placed a curfew on their diplomats and is urging Americans to move into the city. Solen says the need for aid is great. “There are a lot more refugees both internally and externally right now — people that need support, and that’s probably going to get worse until things stabilize following this transition.”

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