Story number 1 for 23 Aug 2000

By August 23, 2000

We begin today in the Caribbean as mission groups prepared for the onslaught of hurricane season. Currently, Hurricane Debby is churning through the tropical region. Grace Ministries International’s Sam Vinton says they’re asking people to pray. “We have a radio station and camp ministry right off the Caribbean. If it comes from the south we always get hit with the hurricane. So, naturally we pray for safety for our missionaries, especially our radio station. Our missionary engineer, he’s the last one to leave there because they keep giving news and let people know what is happening, so he always remains to the very end.” According to Vinton this 30-year-old radio ministry has been an important part of outreach to the community. “We have used that quite effectively to reach out the Gospel. And, also for community events and especially in times like this – emergencies we have used it. And so, it is a very important part of getting out the Gospel, especially to the western side of the island.”

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