Story number 1 for 23 Dec 2002

By December 23, 2002

(Congo–Kinshasa)–We begin today in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where the government has inked a power-sharing agreement with rebels. The accord is meant to end the four-year conflict where more than two million people have died as a result. World Vision’s Tex Lanier says they are hopeful, but will continue their work in helping to rebuild the country’s devastated infrastructure. “In everything that World Vision does, we always bring the Gospel to the people. The Gospel, in our view, has two forms: deed and word. We certainly bring the deed to these people by feeding the hungry and helping the poor. The Gospel in word is also quite possible to do.” Lanier asks believers to pray for their workers in the area, as well as for the survivors. “The real thing that I would want people to pray for, is that this peace accord, just signed within the last few days, that it would really hold true, that the parties would honor it, that the Prince of Peace would bring peace, and that that peace would hold.”

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