Story number 1 for 23 Jul 2003

By July 23, 2003

(Iraq)–Iraq tops our news, with military forces facing continued hit and run attacks. However, the aid pipeline sees to it that help goes in, to the tune of nearly one and a half billion dollars. World Concern’s Kelly Miller says Iraq’s post-war needs are too great to face alone. “There are hundreds of thousands of people that are under-fed there. The distribution system is not in place, that being the one that was supported by the Iraqi government prior, to be re-engaged, post-war. So, the ability to provide critical needs to many of the people of Iraq simply is not happening at this point.” With their help, Miller says the local church responds. “It’s very encouraging to know that there is a very vibrant Christian church in Iraq, one that is very integrated into the communities there. So, the food distributions that we’ve been providing through our local partner is through the church there and that’s a huge statement for the Christian church to be able to provide the vitally needed aid.” Pray for the Christians, as they serve the Muslim population in Iraq.

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