Story number 1 for 23 Mar 2001

By March 23, 2001

(Nigeria)–Our newscast begins today in Nigeria where there’s word that some Christians are planning a legal challenge to the Islamic law introduced by some States. However, Gospel Revival Ministries’ John Musser says they’re looking at the issue as an opportunity to introduce a different approach to oppression. “We’ve taught our native pastors not to count it a strange thing when they fall into diverse tribulations, but to trust in the Lord. Many times, persecution brings more prayer, they get on their faces, and then God gives them new, innovative ways to reach people.” Musser asks people to pray. “I believe that this is a bright hour for global evangelism. It’s been our experience, just like in the times of [Apostle] Paul, that whenever any time we see persecution break out, it’s prerequisite to a spiritual awakening.”

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