Story number 1 for 23 Oct 2001

By October 23, 2001

(Undated)–Headlining today’s news, mission groups are taking security precautions as U-S attacks on Afghanistan continue. As tensions rise, the President of the Southern Baptist International Mission Board’s Jerry Rankin says it has been a stressful situation for missionaries and their families. “Some of the stress of the situation is the uncertainty of how long the situation will last. We definitely see it as temporary. We’ve been very, very cautious. Some of the people have gone back to their place of assignment seeing what the situation is.” Meanwhile, New Tribes Mission’s Scott Ross says their precautions even deal with security in the United States. “How to handle calls coming in and how to handle mail. We don’t want to get our people unduly paranoid or worried about the mail situation, but we want to help our people feel more at ease especially in the institutes in the United States.” Pray for the safety of missionaries on and off the field.

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