Story number 1 for 24 Dec 2001

By December 24, 2001

(Afghanistan)–Afghanistan headlines today’s news as evangelical groups are looking for ways to have an impact on that predominately Muslim population. International Aid, a Christian relief and development agency, is doing something unique. I-A’s Jerry Dykstra. “We’re very excited about something new at International Aid and that is sending a portable medical clinic and a water filtration system and we’ll be sending a team there to assemble that. It should be opperating next month some time. And, the portable medical clinic will provide health care support for up to 10,000 Afghans.” I-A is also sending in one-point-two million dollars worth of assistance in the form of food, clothing, medicine and hygience kits. Dystra is concerned about bandits in Afghanistan. He’s asking people to pray. “Hopefully, with the peacekeeping troops that are going there, that things will stabilize over the next few weeks. We just pray that the Lord will surround us with His blessing as we go there.” Call 800-251-2502 to help these needy people.

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