Story number 1 for 24 Mar 2003

By March 24, 2003

(Iraq/Jordan)–We begin today along the Iraqi/Jordanian border as Christians are reaching out to the victims of war. As war continues in the region, many Iraqis are in need. The Southern Baptist International Mission Board is just one of many organizations helping. The IMB is helping refugee and families that have already been liberated. “What we’re trying to do is do mobile stuff. We’ll go to local villages, trying to help the people who are staying where they are, as well as people who are on the move. We need massive amounts of prayer that these people will see Jesus.” Another unnamed worker in the region says this isn’t just a physical relief program. He says It’s a relief program of the heart. “I just pray that in the midst of this that we will be able to share with them a cup of cold water in compassion. But, not compassion that’s not empowered by prayer, because we’re going to ask God to show us who He’s been working in their hearts.”

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