Story number 1 for 24 May 2000

By May 24, 2000

Headlining today’s news, while the United Nations isn’t calling it a famine yet, relief and development organizations are. MNN’s Greg Yoder is in Ethiopia on special assignment and files this report. “Thomas Stocker is the Ethiopian Country Director with Food for the Hungry. Stocker says the Somali region of Ethiopia has already been hit by famine. “There are people that are definitely in a very critical situation. As you know the Somali region of Ethiopia is a pasturlist area. People are depending on their animals. And due to the delay of the rains many of their animals have died. So, they have nothing left to survive.” We’re traveling to the village of Jajiga today to see FHI’s new partnership with SIM International in that Muslim region. Stocker says they’re helping to fund a food distribution and eating center. “In relief situation Food for the Hungry, the first purpose is to save lives – so they can survive for the next days and months. But, we’re hoping to bring also some of the Good News to these people.” FHI is asking you to help, as more than eight million people are already affected by malnutrition. Stocker says your gift of 100 dollars will help feed a family of five for five months. Call 1-800-the number 2-HUNGER to help. Greg Yoder, Mission Network News, Ethiopia.”

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